Feb 13, 2021

5 Menus for Valentine’s Day at Home

I’ve included five separate menus for your Valentine’s Day dinner with an appetizer, side, entree and dessert with a cohesive theme for each.

Things are looking a lot different this Valentine’s Day. My husband Aaron and I typically stay in on February 14th rather than going out. To make this night at home a little more special than all the other nights we’ve spent at home this past year, I’m pulling out all the stops.

Instead of sitting in front of the tv all night long and eating dinner on the couch in our sweats, we will be making dinner together. We’re choosing to eat by candlelight with cocktails in hand and a romantic soundtrack playing. Of course immediately after dinner I’ll be changing back into my sweatpants (I’m not that crazy). Pair with a nice bottle of champagne or wine for a perfect night in.

5 Menus for Valentine’s Day at Home

Components of Each Menu

I’ve included five separate menus for your Valentine’s Day dinner. Each menu has an appetizer, side, entree and dessert with a cohesive theme for each. This year I’d encourage you to branch out and choose your own adventure. Whether you choose to make your own sushi, my favorite spicy rigatoni, a classic steak au poivre or a luxurious creamy lobster pasta, you can’t go wrong!


Get the recipe for every menu item below!

Menu 1

French Onion Soup 

Because it is a dish with few ingredients it makes it that much more important to patiently balance the ingredients and season everything carefully.

Broccolini with Garlic and Red Wine Vinegar 

This recipe brings out the flavors of the broccolini while the acidity of the red wine vinegar works to offset its bitterness.

Coq au Vin Blanc

Crispy seared chicken thighs in a creamy white wine sauce with bacon, mushrooms and onions. Serve with plenty of extra bread for dipping!

Tuxedo Creme Brûlée

The crème brûlée has a layer of chocolate ganache on the bottom and then a layer of vanilla custard followed by caramelized sugar.

Menu 2

Crispy Rice Topped with Spicy Tuna 

This recipe is inspired by the crispy rice and spicy tuna at Nobu. Fried rounds of sushi rice are topped with diced tuna combined with a spicy mayo and topped with eel sauce, avocado and jalapeño.

Yellowtail Sashimi with Serrano and Ponzu

Yellowtail is paired with Serrano and yuzu kosho for a little spice and with cilantro and ponzu for an extremely flavorful, yet light dish. When buying yellowtail for this dish be sure to get high-quality sushi-grade fish.

Garlic Soy Edamame 

The pods are glazed in soy sauce and garlic with just a hint of spice from the cayenne and whole peppers.

Salted Butterscotch Pots de Creme 

The custard has a rich velvety texture similar to crème brûlée and the flavor is a light butterscotch that borders on caramel.

Menu 3

Yellowtail Crudo with Mandarin and Gooseberries 

In this recipe, yellowtail crudo is marinated with olive oil, mandarin orange juice, shallots and topped with chives, cape gooseberries, edible flowers and micro-greens (mostly added for garnish).

Cheesy Garlic Bread

I make a butter compound with the garlic and parsley so that the butter is much easier to spread and the garlic more evenly mixed.

Spicy Rigatoni 

Rigatoni pasta is served tossed in a spicy, creamy sauce with onion soubise, tomatoes, cream and a touch of calabrian chilies for just the right spice in this recipe similar to Carbone’s famous dish.

Classic Homemade Cannoli 

The iconic Sicilian dessert is one of my favorites because it isn’t overly sweet – it’s flakey shell and ricotta and mascarpone filling with chocolate chips are the perfect mixture of crispy and creamy to end (or start if you’re like me) any meal.

Menu 4

Cheesy Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes 

Potatoes are roasted and scooped out and then mixed with a combination of sour cream, milk and lots of cheddar cheese.

Chili Oil Roasted Broccoli with Cashews 

I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to serve vegetables, and this one is anything but boring.

Butter Basted Steak Au Poivre

My spin on the classic French dish consists of steak coated in freshly cracked peppercorns, pan seared in a screaming hot cast iron pan and basted in butter to create a flavorful golden-brown crust on the outside of the steak.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies

I love how the fudgy chocolate brownies mix and compliment the “cakey” and not overly sweet cream cheese topping.

Menu 5

Whipped Pecorino Dip

The base of this dish is Greek yogurt which is whipped together with a bit of olive oil and freshly grated Pecorino Romano, providing a light and airy cheese dip.

Arugula and Endive Salad with Candied Pine Nuts

The endive provides an extra crunch and the candied pine nuts add a subtle sweetness to offset the bitterness of the arugula.

Creamy Lobster Pasta 

The sauce for the pasta is similar to lobster bisque, a creamy smooth sauce flavored with seafood stock and aromatics served over bucatini.

Chocolate Champagne Truffles 

They are such a lavish treat that I couldn’t believe they came together with so few ingredients, just give yourself plenty of time for the chocolate ganache to set.

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