Go beyond cheese and crackers at your next party! Meat and cheese appetizer spreads have always been a staple of the perfect dinner party, and with social media popularizing home-food-photography, readers want to know now more than ever how to lay out beautiful boards.

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By including no-prep sides with dips and spreads that can be made in a big batch, and divvied out over multiple platters, I make laying out picturesque boards a quick and easy affair. This collection also reimagines the charcuterie plate by giving each platter a unique cultural or regional twist. Readers will impress everyone at their next gathering with boards like the Hawaiian-Inspired Platter featuring Mini Poke Cups, the Summer Seafood Platter featuring Brown Butter Mini Lobster Rolls, the Southern-Inspired Board featuring Green Tomato Chutney.

I hope you all enjoy!


  • Mazon-Chambers debuts with a lavish spread of impress-your-guests boards and platters… Lush photos serve as inspiration for arranging eye-popping platters. These innovative, crowd-pleasing spreads elevate the standard meat and cheese board.

    —Publisher’s Weekly

  • Kylie knocked it out of the park with this book. Forget what you knew about grazing boards, happy hour snacks and appetizers because the pages of this book just took center stage!

    —Brian Hart Hoffman, editor-in-chief, Bake from Scratch Magazine

  • Share + Savor is a gem that you NEED in your life! I love how Kylie’s recipes build deep flavor profiles with only a handful of ingredients.

    —Julie Resnick, co-owner, the FeedFeed

  • Kylie’s recipes and gorgeous photography make hosting seem effortless. Her impeccable style and relaxed philosophy on entertaining make me want to throw a party every day of the week.

    —Zoë François, coauthor, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook series

Have you ever noticed at restaurants that sometimes the appetizers and small plates are the most interesting dishes? They have some of the best and most unique flavor combinations!

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