Dec 29, 2020

15 Appetizers You Should Make This New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year to all! Make these show-stopping appetizers for a night to remember.
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This New Year’s Eve will not consist of set menus, bottle service at bars and clubs and the use of limos but is that such a bad thing? New Year’s Eve is a loaded night (no pun intended), but there is always a lot of pressure to kick off the start of a new year in the perfect way. Make some of these recipes to impress any guests.

Last year before we knew what 2020 even had in store for us several friends made a road trip to my parent’s house in North Las Vegas and rather than heading to casinos and clubs we decided to stay in. I still insisted we all still dress up for the occasion though we didn’t leave the house, opting for a home craps table purchased from Amazon, poker and an array of other games and a home cooked dinner. Staying in doesn’t have to mean the typical combination of Netflix and eating in front of the TV.

Try making the evening special by cooking something you wouldn’t typically make and stay away from screens for the night with an intimate group. Happy New Year to all and let’s welcome 2021 with open arms (and maybe a little bit of apprehension). These are some of my favorite New Year’s eve appetizers to ring in 2021 with a bang.

15 Appetizers You Should Make This New Year’s Eve

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

This rack of lamb with its savory combination of herbs, mustard and breadcrumbs makes for either the perfect appetizer or an impressive holiday entrée.

Juicy Pork & Chive Pan-Fried Dumplings with chili crisp

Juicy Pork & Chive Pan-Fried Dumplings

These dumplings are formed into little “purses” and are filled with a simple yet flavorful filling of ground pork, chives, cabbage and ginger. They are like an “almost but not quite” version of Chinese sheng jian bao. They’re extremely juicy, but not to the level of the pan-fried soup dumplings.

 Crispy Smashed Fried Potatoes topped with caviar and salmon roe chives and dill

Crispy Smashed Fried Potatoes

These buttery, crispy smashed potatoes topped with luxe contrasting textures of creme fraîche, caviar, salmon roe and chives is one of my favorite ways to eat potatoes.

jalapeño egg rolls with huckleberry syrup in small bowl

Jalapeño Egg Rolls with Huckleberry Syrup

These golden, crispy fried egg rolls are filled with a blended cream cheese and jalapeño mixture. I serve them paired with a huckleberry dipping sauce for a sweet and spicy appetizer.

crispy rice topped with spicy tuna wrapped in butter lettuce with eel sauce avocado and serrano slices

Crispy Rice Topped with Spicy Tuna

This recipe is inspired by the crispy rice and spicy tuna at Nobu. Fried rounds of sushi rice are topped with diced tuna combined with a spicy mayo and topped with eel sauce, avocado and jalapeño.

potato and cheese pierogi with sour cream

Potato and Cheese Pierogi

Pierogi are like a polish ravioli made with sour cream-based dough and classically stuffed with a cheesy potato mixture.

scallion pancakes with black vinegar and chili oil

Scallion Pancakes

These scallion pancakes remind me of a cross between croissants and naan bread. The flakey layers are seasoned with diced scallions. Painting the layers of dough with sesame oil as you roll the dough will yield flakey layers.

Steak & Boursin Cheese Crostini

Steak & Boursin Cheese Crostini

Crispy crostini are topped with slices of seared steak and melted Boursin cheese spooned over the top for an easy fan-favorite appetizer.

whipped spiced ricotta toast with grilled bread

Whipped Spiced Ricotta Toast

Ricotta cheese is combined with honey, olive oil, red pepper and oregano for a slightly sweet and spicy seasoned appetizer.

rosemary white bean dip with grilled bread

Rosemary White Bean Dip

The white beans are blended with garlic oil, rosemary and cheese for a creamy starter fit for a cocktail party.

how to shuck oysters

Oysters: How to Shuck & Serve Them

Eating oysters can be intimidating – and shucking them can be even scarier! Read all about how to choose and open oysters as well as what to pair them with.

crispy rice arancini with vodka dipping sauce


Arancini are basically cheese stuffed rice balls. They’re coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. The Sicilian appetizer is one of my favorites, you can’t go wrong with crispy rice and cheese!

shrimp scampi toasts

Shrimp Scampi Toasts

Bathing shrimp in a silky, buttery wine sauce is tough to beat.

Lobster & Cheddar Gougeres in bowl with linen towel

Lobster & Cheddar Gougeres

Gougères are basically French cheese puffs but with the added luxury of lobster and a fancy name. These are like luxury cheddar bay biscuits; they have similar flavors but are so light and airy.

baked brie with honey, pomegranate seeds

Baked Brie with Honey

Baked Brie, or Brie en croûte, consists of a wheel of brie wrapped in buttery pastry dough then baked to until crispy and golden brown.

mini bougie latkes topped with creme fraiche and caviar

Mini Bougie Latkes

Golden brown latkes with a crunchy exterior and the soft inside, similar to hash browns, served with a dollop of sour cream, caviar & chives.

15 New Years Appetizer ideas You Should Make This

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