Shrimp Toast Recipe

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Make shrimp paste

Add the cilantro stems, the whites from the green onions, garlic, shrimp, egg white, cornstarch, fish sauce and salt to the bowl of a food processor.


Blend shrimp paste

Pulse the shrimp paste until ground but not smooth - you should still be able to see some pieces of the shrimp.


Prep the bread

Trim the crusts off the Japanese milk bread or white bread.


Add shrimp paste

Mound about 2 tbsp of the shrimp egg paste high in the center of each slice of bread and spread it evenly to corners with a spoon or rubber spatula.


Dip in sesame seeds

Add sesame seeds to a shallow dish or plate and spread out. Dip each slice of the shrimp-topped toast, shrimp-side down onto the sesame seeds.


Heat oil

Fill a large cast iron pan or Dutch oven with enough oil to reach 1” up the side of the pan. Heat the oil to 350ºF (177ºC).


Fry the shrimp toasts

Working with two slices of bread at a time place bread, shrimp-side down, into the hot oil. Fry until light gold in color, about 3 min. Flip and fry and additional 2 min


Cut the shrimp toasts

Cut each slice on the diagonal to create 4 equal triangles. Repeat with the remaining ingredients until all have been fried.



Arrange shrimp toasts on a platter and top with the remaining green onions, sliced on the bias. Serve on their own or drizzled with sriracha and mayonnaise.